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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 5, 2009, 2:52 PM

It is official I have a new studio, well two of them actually, one will be a shooting room and the other for painting and storage. Tom and Amber both paint, so now they have room to setup their easels and paint their little hearts out. The room directly across the hallway will be for shooting, giving us more room and one can shoot while the other paints without getting in each others way.

Now I just have to see about the equipment, going to offer to pay his back rent in exchange for 'all' the equipment, seeing as it is worth less than he owes I would hope he goes for the deal. If so it will solve three problems at once, I will get the equipment, he will not owe Tim any money and Tim will get paid.

I do have something to bitch about, big surprise there huh, but I think this one is justified.

Since when does a series of images of a man laying on his back, playing with his erect penis and masturbating not follow within the lines of deviantART's definition of porn?

All I am gonna say, it's just fucking stupid.

Jessy is in Paris now, will be there and in the UK for the next three weeks with her mother. Any of my deviantART friends in the area feel free to make any suggestions on places to go and things to see, the type of things tourists normally do not go to of course.

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R-B Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2009   Digital Artist
If they are in London and plan on a day trip to Windsor, take a ride down the Thames, it's so worth it. Also, in Egham, it's a small village next to Windsor, top of the hill, 2 min walk past the old Brunel university campus, there's a Air Force Memorial that commemorates all pilots in the commonwealth with no known grave - [link]

It's quite a nice tucked away random site and during the summer, you can go on the roof and it has a superb view of London.

Also on the other side of the hill, the Magna Carta was signed and there's a nice little cafe across from it.

And not to mention, Windsor castle is pretty cool too, and next door to Eaton school if interested, and if you like horse racing, Ascot is literally down the road.
RockstarVanity Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009  Professional Photographer
Your new studio sounds awesome! Having other people being creative in the same space is so inspiring. The place I've moving into on Monday is shared with a cabinet maker, a jewellery maker and an as-yet-unchosen artist. We've all got our own places and can close stuff down and be more private, but having the option to open up every section and hang out together sometimes is going to be so cool :aww:
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June 5, 2009