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Journal Entry: Sun May 15, 2011, 3:31 AM deviantART subscription has lapsed and I refuse to renew it, I am not going to continue to support this place until I start to see them enforce their own rules properly. I am sick and tired of the assholes who do nothing but post stolen work, badly hacked up porn images or other crap they try to pass off as their own work. If you upload stolen work you are supposed to be banned, yet this is not happening. These fake users do not contribute to the community, they steal from it, again I am on the verge of wiping out my account, closing it up for good and not coming back.

Get your shit together deviantART, follow the rules you have set for all users. I have seen countless pieces of high quality work be pulled for stupid reasons, all the while watching blatant thieves violate policy after policy and not even get their stolen work removed.

It is a load of bullshit.

Let us try this route, if they ban me for it, you will see just how stupid this place has gotten. - Posts stolen porn site images, latest one is of a well known porn star. - Every image in the gallery is from a porn site. - Claims to be the artist that created these images - and clearly did not, in fact the Lambo pic is from an HDR tutorial page of a well known artist. The artist has been informed and I am sure will take action, seems like DA is not.

I could be here all night with this shit...

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4EverYoungKid Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011
Random---> You created Yellow Day? You sure are rebellious..
So you been here 10 years....
Could you tell me... what year was deviantART at it's prime?
krash Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011  Professional Photographer
Did not create it, just heavily supported Jark.

deviantART was a community, a true community.

10 years and probably my last.
dasTotenkopf Featured By Owner May 15, 2011
Yeah, it's bullshit and hypocritical and all too damn typical of dA... so? Yeah, art thieves and kids posting cropped porn pics and unoriginal demotivational posters run rampant; that doesn't keep me from enjoying the great art, those works that grab me and I sit and I'm frozen as emotion washes over me... that kind of art still thrives here. Yeah, there is a lot of garbage to wade through, there are a lot of punks and hypocrites (especially among those tasked with moderating the site) and people just wanting to start shit for the sake of starting shit, to elicit some reaction from someone. There are those talentless hacks blatantly stealing from artists who will go completely unpunished. There are those wonderful pieces of art that are unfairly removed because of some small-minded asshole's subjective view that it constitutes a violation of the rules; but with them one can take solace in the fact that they will continue to live their small, narrow, meaningless, safe, vanilla, unexamined and uninteresting lives.

But, so it goes.

You aren't going to let these jerk-offs get to you.

I'd prefer that you stay, as your art is both inspired and inspiring. I know that what I did undercuts the message you were sending to dA, but it furthers my message that your absence would be a great loss to the community. A community with all its inequities and imperfect denizens and haphazardly enforced rules, but a community with decent artists nonetheless.
krash Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Professional Photographer
right now I want to know when this ~20Juju10 asshole will be banned.
dasTotenkopf Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
he doesn't need to be banned, he needs to be punched in the dick. it's always rather suspect when there is no "camera information" for a picture. other'n posting pictures that it does not appear he took, what did he do?
krash Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Professional Photographer
Oh you have NO idea how many I have already had removed and that is what is pissing me off. There have been at least ten uploaded that I tracked down, gave links to the original porn site the images were taken from and then they get removed, yet nothing happens to this non stop offender. If you see the image that do have MetaData, they are YEARS old and there are at least six different cameras used. Blocking of comments, hiding of comments and so on are dead give aways as well. He is a massive repeat offender and lying asshole, yet not one thing has been done.

That is just one, a little one.
dasTotenkopf Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011
i'd love to say that "everyone gets theirs" and that "if you play in the dirt, you get dirty", but i imagine that we're both experienced enough in the-ways-of-the-world to know that not everyone gets their comeuppance. it's really shit, but it's just the way it goes. all you can do (and i will gladly join the cause) is continue to try to get the sonuvabitch banned. it may or may not happen, the only important thing is that you stay and continue to produce the great (and original) art that you are known for.

(sorry for the late reply, have been very ill)
krash Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011  Professional Photographer
sorry to hear you have not been well, hope it is not serious.

As for these rat bastards, it's not them that is the problem. Assholes these people will continue to exist, the problem is with deviantART's lack of caring, lack of commitment to their OWN policy. They don't care because it drives traffic to the site, which makes them money. I see no other reason as to why they would let this bullshit continue. Their lack of commitment to the foundation of this community, Art and Artists are why I am about to close up shop. It won't be these slime bag, useless piece of shit people, that continue to lie and steal that will be my reason for leaving.

I will continue to do what I do, always and I thank you HIGHLY for your kind words about me and my work. After 10 years of being part of this place, it is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth.
dasTotenkopf Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
Thank you. It's MS, some weeks are better than others. dA has seemingly become more lax and haphazard in the enforcement of their rules. Looking at these deviants that have continually broken the rules, they aren't paying members, so one would think removing them would be an easy matter, but i do understand that they drive "viewers" to the site and increase revenues from adverts.

You do what you have to do, I think the people who enjoy and follow your work will understand. After 10 years, have you no connections with Moderators, or could you not become a Moderator yourself? I do know that it must be hell, to be a mod, inundated with requests and questions and this or that, but you would then be able to ban those lying, cheating shit birds. I'm mostly kidding as I doubt you have the time for it, but still, it'd be nice to have one's "finger on the button". ;)

Have a good day, just please think long and hard about this, and do weigh how your art contributes to this site. Laters.
krash Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Professional Photographer
Dude that sucks ass about the MS, but I do understand the good and bad weeks part.

deviantART would not know what to do with me if I had that kind of power! I would be after assholes all day long.

I am thinking very hard, been here a long time and have a LOT of great memories from this place. deviantART used to mean the world to me, this place and these people did so much for me and my family years ago that it truly pains me to see it brought down to what it is today.

again man, thank you.
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altphotoart Featured By Owner May 15, 2011  Professional General Artist
I'm with you.. I tried to get some action taken on a deviant who admits theft of images in his journal.. no movement.
darthmarlan Featured By Owner May 15, 2011
I have started posting my stuff at a few other places lately and yeah, some of the stuff that has been arriving here as of late has been pretty scary. Add to that the lack of constructive comments and general attitude of some users and yeah it is annoying...
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