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Wedding and House sitting

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 19, 2010, 7:49 AM

House sitting till the 24th if anyone needs me

Cleaned the Bearded Dragons cage today, he sure does not like being in it, think it's time for a bigger enclosure for him, then again this could be his 'overnight' cage.  Makes me want to get a reptile again, may have to do that when I get done with all the house/pet sitting I will be doing between now and close to the middle of August.

Found a Talon online last night that is exactly what I am wanting. Low miles, looks brand new inside, just a dent in the front bumper, which looks like it rolled into a parking lot pole so nothing serious since it is plastic anyway. Right color, it's a TSi and AWD, only thing is the price is high compared to it's value, but with only 90,000 miles on a 1991 car it may be worth the extra money. They finance as well, so there is a good chance I could actually get this one. Just waiting to hear if it is actually still on the lot and then have to drive 400+ miles to drive it and look it over.  If I was able to get this car or one like it, you would see me being a very happy man.


I saw John and Jessy with new eyes Saturday night, I saw a couple, a true, loving, mature, connected couple.

My daughter looked astoundingly beautiful, the moment I saw her in her dress I could not control my emotions. The whole night was amazing, fun, funny as hell and pure John and Jessy. Their first dance was to Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen, they had a whole number choreographed, again it was very funny. I had to follow their dance with the Father Daughter dance, we chose Winter by Tori Amos, I made Jessy talk to me about random things so I did not spend the whole dance balling. She would stop talking and start signing lyrics to me, which had me crying of course. It was a very emotional night for me.

Thankfully my old friend Michelle came to the wedding all the way from North Carolina to be my 'date' so I was not alone at the wedding. She really helped me keep my sanity and I thank her and her husband for helping an old friend keep his broken heart at check.

yes it was and still is very painful for me to have Amber gone, I am trying to move forward, everyday is still a struggle inside my head and in my heart. I missed her being there very much, it was very important to me, but she made her choice and removed herself from my life.

It was a wonderful evening, a truly unique wedding and an event I will replay in my head over and over. Watching my daughter walking toward me, looking even more beautiful than the first day she came into this world, being so proud of her and John and seeing her grow into her own right before my eyes.

A few shots from the wedding...

Kelly and Myself before the wedding

Father Daughter dancing

John and Jessy

Pinky Swearing during wedding

Husband and Wife

Jessy and myself, cute even with the red eye from the flash

A few pro shots...

Gonna take a while for me to get used to her not being Jessica Williams any longer, but she now has a wonderful man that will take care of her as they start life together as husband and wife. Just looking at these has me crying again.

Two more images:

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imus Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
I've been following ya'll for awhile, and since I have a daughter as well I can really feel where you are coming from.

I wish nothing but the best for them and hope things get better for you as well.
krash Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010  Professional Photographer
thank you :)
arien Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010
She looks absolutely GORGEOUS. And I love that photo under the praying mantis, although her hubby should be worried about that LOL
colt51 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010
All the best, once again, to the lovely couple.
Melens-rayne Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010
My god, look at her! She's grown into quite the beautiful woman. And aren't they just adorable? Congratulations, John.
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